About Anthony

Born in Coventry (March 1947), Anthony Skilbeck’s composing life has been supported by work as a teacher, pianist, organist and choir trainer.

Musical studies were begun during Anthony’s childhood in Bournemouth, where his principal musical mentor was Michael Peterson. First professional qualifications were obtained whilst studying at the Royal College of Music; London University Institute of Education and the Royal School of Church Music (at Addington Palace).

Since 1977 he has resided in Nottinghamshire. In 1990, as a mature student, Anthony obtained a Master of Music (M. Mus.) degree for organ performance and original composition and in 2000, studies with Dr. David Harold Cox and Dr. George Nicholson culminated in the award of a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.) degree for original composition. Both degrees were bestowed by The University of Sheffield. During this period, Anthony also received tuition from Dr. Alan Brown (of The University of Sheffield) and studied the interpretation of organ music with Maestro Nicolas Kynaston in London.

In 2009, Anthony was diagnosed with cancer, and this is the reason why (in 2013) he decided to make his compositions available as free downloads via the Internet. In addition to works on the website, others, some large-scale, can be found in The University of Sheffield’s library, thesis 6851 and 14144. Some carillon compositions have been published by American Carillon Music Editions www.carillon-music.com and Jeffrey Bossin www.carillon-berlin.de

Sadly Anthony died on Monday 2nd December 2013 at Gateford Hill care home in Worksop. He was very brave in dealing with cancer and in his own words in October 2013, he said that he was in God’s waiting room. Anthony will be remembered as a very special and talented person.